Rachel Lockett



Hi! Thank you for looking at my very pink website!My name is Rachel Lockett (she/her). I’m an actor, singer, and potato-lover, specifically fries. I’m currently based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area.I currently hold a Bachelors in Music from Goucher College and a Masters in Musical Theatre Studies from Temple University, which is super duper awesome!As a performing artist, my ultimate goals are:1) To tell as many stories to all audiences.2) To be a princess one day (Who doesn't want to wear a ballgown!)I'm also an aspiring director as well! There's something about developing and crafting that makes me pumped!Outside of theatre, I love eating, hanging with friends, shopping, listening to K-pop (my favorite groups are Pentagon and Purple Kiss!), reading cheesy romance stories, and obsessing over the colour pink, obviously lol!


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